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Take me to wonderland....
Help me leave them all behind,
I say,
And turn towards you.
Well? Will you walk away
Too much for me to say,
I say,
Too much for you to learn,
You say.
Is the word,
"will you be the beast,
So I can be Belle"
So I can be beautiful for once,
And feel as pretty,
As a princes in a fairy tale,
For once.
For once I know,
You will stay by my side,
And for once I know,
Things will go on,
The confidence that drags behind me,
As I walk through the mall,
Threatens to disappear,
Until you say,
Hey sugar come here.
And I get wrapped around your magical words,
That describe what I always wanted to hear,
Because you're so sweet,
You give me a cavity,
You say.
And magic,
Because you wrapped me around your spell.
It's a pair one of a kind,
Not in love,
And can't be apart,
I know you'll stay,
Maybe not,
'till the end,
Like someone once said,
Or you promise to never leave,
So when we meet,
You can have sex with me.
You promise to mark the
:iconfallensoul-deadheart:FallenSoul-DeadHeart 1 0
I'll always come back to you
A blank page stares back at me,
With the expression  of anticipation
I also feel,
Of the jumbled up feelings,
I would try to decipher here,
Or about the stories,
I used to always tell here.
Don't worry my best friend,
I'm afraid I'm back,
To tell you all the things,
That have come to pass,
I know I've been gone long.
But please I need you to listen to me.
:iconfallensoul-deadheart:FallenSoul-DeadHeart 1 0
Ch 1, a sleepless night
The life of Sophia Ducline, (A.K.A. Moonlight Rider)
I heard screaming, I hear things hitting the ground, I heard glass breaking. I woke up, looked at the time, it was 3:32 AM, and my parents were fighting again. I listened intently trying to figure out what the argument was about this time, they have been getting in so many fights lately…
I heard my mom scream and then hit the ground, her screaming stopped, and my dad started laughing.
"that's what you get you stupid bitch, I told you to get out of my fucking way"
I heard him say. I could hear the noises he made while he dragged my mom to the bed, then he walked to the kitchen, grabbed something to drink, and started walking back. He stopped right in front of my door, opened it, and looked inside, probably trying to see if they woke me up or not. After convincing himself that I was asleep, he closed the door, and went to his room. He started watching T. V. it sounded like a porn from the noises…
I was crying, and I hadn't ev
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love poem
Otro poema de amor,
Escrito por alguien,
Que no sabe,
Lo que es,
Ser amada,
Por otro ser.
Y en suenos,
Por que ahi ve,
Sus ojos,
Y su piel.
Pero cuando despierta,
Required que,
Es una tonta,
Que escribe poemas,
De lo que desea.
:iconfallensoul-deadheart:FallenSoul-DeadHeart 1 0
Se me olvido,
Que la vida,
Nunca es,
Como se ve.
Y las mentiras,
Que dijiste,
Crearon el mundo,
Que ahora vez.
Y me pregunto,
Si alguna vez,
Yo te hice creer,
Que la vida,
Puede ser,
Como en las peliculas,
De ayer.
Te fuiste con el viento,
Esa noche,
Llena de truenos,
Y en mis ojos,
Viste el odio,
que la vida,
Escondido de los dos.
Pero ya sabemos,
que la vida,
Tambien dice mentiras.  
:iconfallensoul-deadheart:FallenSoul-DeadHeart 0 0
en el mar laVida es differente
Alguna vez,
As contado,
Los granos de arena,
En la playa aquella,
En la que dejas tus suenos,
Cada primavera,
Y cuando te das cuenta,
Que lo imposible si existe,
Que haces?
Te das la vuelta?
O encuentras otra manera,
De hacer lo imposible,
Tu me dijiste,
Que lo imposible,
No existe,
Pero te rendiste,
Y me dejaste sola,
En la playa aquella,
Y cada invierno,
Mi alma sufre,
Y me da miedo,
Por que todo lo que ceria,
Descubri que era mentira,
Cuando me dejaste tirada,
Aquel dia.
:iconfallensoul-deadheart:FallenSoul-DeadHeart 0 0
y espero que todo cambie
Si todo fuera diferente,
Y los dos fueramos felizes,
Yo ya te ubiera olvidado,
Y tu,
Estubieras esperando,
La proxima ola de amor,
Para que sienta algo,
Ese frio Corazon.
Si las cosas fueran,
Como siempre e querido,
estubieras a mi lado,
Siendo como un hermano,
El que siempre e querido.
Pero las cosas son,
Y tenemos problemas,
Como toda la gente,
Pero de todas maneras,
Cada vez que te veo,
Tu Corazon de hielo,
Enfria la sonriza,
Que tanto trabajo,
Me questa darle a la vida.  
:iconfallensoul-deadheart:FallenSoul-DeadHeart 0 0
your favorite game
I tried to walk away,
Plenty of times,
I tried to leave,
Telling myself it wasn't worth it,
Over and over again,
That this game,
Isn't fair played,
That all I get from it is pain,
Sleepless nights,
And endless days,
Yet at the end of everyday,
I always end up,
In the same place. .
:iconfallensoul-deadheart:FallenSoul-DeadHeart 0 2
freedom... control
Muscles ache,
But I'm not afraid,
I'm determined,
This time,
I will change,
This time,
I'll reach the end,
With a smile on my face.
I won't give up,
I'll fight 'till the end,
And I won't be satisfied,
Until I like,
Who I became,
Even if it takes,
Many nights,
And many days
:iconfallensoul-deadheart:FallenSoul-DeadHeart 0 2
Questions At 3:00 AM
         'I love you'
3 simple words,
                   I cannot say,
That easily turn,
         'I hate you'
Every day,
                   And I'm afraid,
      Of what you'll say,
The day,
          'I love you'
Slips away,
                I wonder if you'll say,
          'I hate you'
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United States
would you really like to know who i am?
or would you just rather pretend,
that everything i say you understand,
maybe it's better off,
if you look away,
but i promise that if you take a chance,
and stay,
you'll have a loyal friend,
until the end.

i would love to say,
i'm good with words,
that them and i,
get along,
and that they flow out of me,
like a river flows,
so easily,
but they're more like an ocean,
and i almost drown,
thanks to the waves.

i am a rambler,
as you can see,
i go off on topics,
no one wants to hear,

i live in denail,
because it's the only place,
i can trully be myself,
when i'm surrounded by everyone else.

Don't get me wrong,
i can be fun,
it's one side of me,
that i love.

so now you know,
things you didn't before,
or maybe you did,
i'm an open book,
you see?

so stick around,
and let me show you,
what a good friend is.

Current Residence: Denial
deviantWEAR sizing preference: huh?
Print preference: ink?....>>
Favourite genre of music: everything
Favourite photographer: Callie!
Favourite style of art: mandi's
Operating System: stereo
MP3 player of choice: omg!! i have an ipod now!!!
Shell of choice: ........
Wallpaper of choice: um any?
Skin of choice: purple or green
Favourite cartoon character: oh oh oh idk
Personal Quote: why would you catch me if you're going to let go anyways?
  • Listening to: lighters
  • Reading: last sacrifice
  • Watching: sex in the city 2
  • Playing: zelda
  • Eating: cereal
  • Drinking: watttter
Copied from a friend.

A 15 year old girl holds hands with her 1 year old son. People call her a slut, no one knows she was raped at 13.
People call another Guy fat, No one knows he has a serious disease causing him to be overweight .
People call an old man ugly, No one knew he had a serious injury to his face while fighting for our country in the war.
Repost this if you are against bullying and stereotyping.

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